Fairy Tale Garden (24.November 2007)
Imagine yourself three years ago
Go back to that day in fall
As the sky turned darker than before
To part us, can you recall?

Those days in my life will
never fade away
I’ll treasure these memories
And forever they’ll stay
Once and for all
I want you to know
I’ll never forget the
Time spent with you

For now it’s good bye
But let’s meet again
In the fairy tale garden
On a day without rain

Without being parted
Without being torn
Next time we meet
We’ll be reborn

For years I’ve been captive
In my own dream world
But now I’ll leave
Like a fledged bird
Perceiving the freedom
Of every creature
Gives me the strength
More to endure

The day will come, the day we’ll meet
As different persons though
And we’ll be standing on our own feet
And probably go with the flow

But the fairytale garden will
Always remain
As the place of our memories
Together in rain.
Memories of hours of
Walking along
the stone walls that show
Humanity’s wrong.

I know you don’t mind
If things end this way
But one day I’ll pay
you back in kind.
It’s easy to leave
But hard to come back
Yet I promise I’ll come
To meet you again.