Working Title: Is It Only Me

[Verse 1:]
Every now and then I look back
to see the path I've walked so far;
And it’s fraught with images in black.
Many walls of pictures of two
persons standing as they are
and it pains me to know it's only me who


[Bridge 1:]
looks at them, stumbling three steps away,
chaotically tumbling in disarray,
staring at them turned their backs on me
and in the distance a mourning big tree.


[Chorus 1:]
is it only me who feels sorry for them?
It just feels wrong to judge or condemn.
I see their red thread of destiny
ending right behind the willow tree.
Is it only me who can see their sad fate?
Is it only me who know's it's too late?
And right behind the willow tree
the hidden abyss will agree.


[Verse 2:]
Walking talking through the grassland
On the path of life’s despair
They leave their marks in the sand
Holding hands on one fine day
Looking shily to the ground
Even if I’d warn them they’re too far away

[Bridge 2:]
I'm pressing my hands on my eyes to seal
the memories of them and of what was real
I want to crush these walls in agony
But then again I want them to stay 


The hidden abyss will agree


(Freitag, 23. Mai 2008)